30 Day Map Challenge

Challenge Excepted

A post on Twitter that turned into a month of data wrangling and cartographic madness

I wanted to take on this 30 day map challenge as a chance to learn some new map making tools (QGIS), gather some interesting data sets for use in future GIS and cartography course assignments, and possibly produce a map that I could build off of to submit to the Atlas of Design Volume 5 (an atlas showing off some of the world's most compelling and beautiful cartographic works). The Atlas is published by The North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS). I set a few rules for myself: - try to spend only 30 min. to a hour on each map if possible (that did NOT happen on ever map) - incorporate some new design element - have my daughters give me suggestions on topic, style, or design - try a least a few different visual design elements (don't just stick with the defaults)


30 maps in 30 days

Parcel Centroids within Greater Philadelphia

Day 01: Points

Devils Tower

Day 02: Lines

Philly Philly

Day 03: Polygons

Fast Food Nation

Day 04: Hexagons


Day 05: Raster

The Hawaiian Islands

Day 06: Blue

Liverpool F.C.

Day 07: Red


Day 08: Green

Get in the Van II

Day 09: Yellow

Heald Pond

Day 10: Black and White

Devil's Path Trail

Day 11: Elevation

NHL Travle Movement

Day 12: Movement


Day 13: Tracks

Territorial Claims in Antartica

Day 14: Boundaries

City of Philadelphia

Day 15: Names

Here, There, and Everywhere

Day 16: Places

A Visual Display of Time Zones

Day 17: Zones

Atlantic Puffins (global migratory patterns [2015 - 2018]

Day 18: Globe

San Fransico, California

Day 19: Urban

Natural Vegetation | Nebraska

Day 20: Rural

Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent [Northern Hemisphere]

Day 21: Environmental

Original Six

Day 22: Built Environment


Day 23: Population

Mass Shootings in America [1982 - 2019]

Day 24: Statistics

the Thrilla in The River of Grass

Day 25: Climate

Surface Flowlines (Montana, United States)

Day 26: Hydrology

Nuclear Power Stations

Day 27: Resources

Save the Goondocks

Day 28: Funny

The United Shapes of America

Day 29: Experimental

Longleat Hedge Maze

Day 30: Home

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